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       Located in the south of Jiangning Development Zone, CNV is a communications and network industry innovation base at the national level jointly set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Government, with the core zone planned to cover an area of 4.6 square kilometers. With Nanjing Communication National Laboratory and China (Jiangsu) Future Network Innovation Institute as the core, the valley is committed to the top design of China’s communication technology and future network, R&D of the core technology and formulation of the standards, industrial incubation and development, and high-end enterprise agglomeration, etc. Leaders of the nation-President Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Liu Yandong, Liu Qibao, Han Zheng, etc, visited CNV for more than 500 times.
      CNV is powered by three core institutions: Nanjing Communication Technology National Laboratory, China (Jiangsu) Future Network Innovation Institution and Nanjing broadband wireless mobile communications R&D center of CAS. CNV possesses 13 academicians, 15 people from the national “One-Thousand-Talent Project”, over 50 talents from the Nanjing“321 Project” and over 3000 R&D personnel with master or higher degrees.
      More than 20 joint R&D centers were established between Southeast University (SU) and Huawei, Agilent, between Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) and the Calculation Institute of Chinese Academy of Science and China Unicom. More than 50 internationally leading core technological fruits with proprietary intellectual property rights are locally industrialized including the new-generation WIFI chip and equipment, ultra high-speed communication chip, the 5th-generation WIFI production line test equipment and the virtualized programmable router.
      Over 10 technical platforms such as MMW & SMMW Test and Measure Platform and Radio Frequency (RF) and Photoelectric Integrated Circuit Test Platform have been established.
      Wireless Communication Technology Collaborative Innovation Center was jointly established by a number of well-known universities and enterprises that collaborate on the solutions to a series of key technological problems need to be fixed in the development of communication industry and on the key strategic needs for the national industrial transformation. With China (Jiangsu) Future Network Innovation Institute taking the lead, China Future Network Industrial Innovation Alliance was jointly established by 36 units including China Communications Standards Association, China Mobile, CCTV, Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, Sina, Sohu and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications with an aim to promote the establishment of technical standard system for the future network and the formation of the industrial chain.
      The first mini future network test facility of China has been established, which covers Nanjing, Beijing, Xi’an and Chongqing, including core nodes, such as CNV and Institute of Computing technology, CAS. It will connect realize the interconnection with GENI in the US and OneLab in EU, and a new national future network innovation network will be constructed based on above. Besides, core nodes will be built in 35 cities in China: Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and Tian Jin, etc. This platform will be capable of supporting experiments of quantum communication, space network and Internet of things, and will evolve into the rudiment of future network of China to promote both national and international research for future network technology.
      By 2015, CNV will have gathered over 20 academicians from CAS or CAE, more than 30 from the national“One-Thousand-Talent Project”, over 300 leading entrepreneurial talents and over 5000 R&D personnel with master or higher degrees, built 50 joint R&D centers, finish leading or participating in setting up 50 national and international standards, applied 1000 invention patents, aggregated 400 technology-based enterprises, and realized the goal of a total industrial scale of 100 billion yuan. Build domestically first and  international first-class communication and future network innovation base and industrial highland, and finally established the international status of China in the field of communication and networks.
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