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An announcement on the Recruitment Programme of Pioneering High-tech Talents in the second half of 2013
2013-11-11 17:57:15
About applicants:
A master's degree and above is required. For applicant who has a title of professor and above, he/she has registered or are going to register an innovation company in the administrative division scope of Nanjing, should conform to one of the following conditions:
I. has hosted a significant research topic or project in an international or domestic subject or technology field; has research achievements with high content of high technology, and must has the feasibility of industrialization, and can obtain obvious economic benefit at the same time;
II. has independent intellectual property rights (patents, copyright, right of layout-designs of integrated circuits, proprietary technology, etc.), and the results reach the international advanced technology, that can fill the domestic blank, or those results can be a domestic leader, can promote the development of related industry, has the feasibility of industrialization and can obtain obvious economic benefit;
III has experience of starting businesses at home or overseas, familiar with related industries, and can move into Nanjing with projects and funds;
IV those who apply for direct access to comprehensive evaluation, should meet both of the following two conditions.
1、Applicants should have one of the following four background conditions:
 (1)Academician of CAS,or CAE, the national distinguished experts of the Recruitment Programme of Global Expert-known as “one thousand project", or the Recruitment Programme of High-level Innovative Entrepreneurial Talent of Jiangsu province;
 (2)work as the intermediate post or above in the world top 500 enterprises or as professional and technical talent and management talent in China top 500 enterprises;
 (3)work in foreign famous universities and research institutes as expert or scholar that is equivalent to associate professor and above;
 (4)Work as professor or researcher in universities of the national "985", "211" programme, or in colleges and universities in Nanjing.
2、Applicant should finish all commercial registration before the dead line. Companies registered after Jan 1st,2012 all have an access to an application.
3、dead line Nov 20th, 2013 
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