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NanJing 3℃~8
Notice of policies and measures for deepening comprehensive reform pilot city and constructing talent and entrepreneurial innovation city of China
2013-11-11 18:14:27
In order to further deepen the reform of Nanjing as a national science and technology system integrated pilot city, and constructing Nanjing into a talent and entrepreneurial innovation science and technology innovation center of the Yangtze River Delta, the government decided to try out the following policy measures on universities, research institutes, state-owned enterprise, those enterprise which was found in university science park and full-time students who tried to start a business in Nanjing university students pioneering base.
1、Allow and encourage those who leave universities, research institutes, state-owned enterprise, business enterprise unit of science and technology to start their own business, and retain their original identity and professional titles for 3years, plus during this period, they can still enjoy a normal promotion of wages.
2、Allow and encourage a reasonable portion of profit(60% at least, 95%at most) that brought by invention results classified to those who involved in the invention process and the team.
3、Intellectual property and other intangible assets can be converted by at reasonable proportion(50% at least, 70% at most) into technical share.
4、Buying new high-tech products invented in zijin technology entrepreneurship special community of Nanjing and science and technology park is both permitted and encouraged. It can be in the form of custom products. All risks this purchase behaviour causes are guaranteed by risk compensation mechanism, those who are involved will get appropriate financial assistance.
5、Starting own business while working in universities in Nanjing and scientific research institutes is encouraged, and their income belongs to themselves.
6、Encourage universities to allow full-time undergraduate students drop out of school for creating new career on their own.
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