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Notice of preferential policies for encouraging the key projects investment by government of Jiangning District
2013-11-11 18:15:44
This preferential policy is formulated to encourage and attract significant investment programme both inland and overseas to settle in Jiangning Development Zone and improve the development level of development zone.
preferential policies for key project investment
Key projects refer to projects those which have been founded in Jiangning Development Zone for more than 10 years. The foreign investment projects refers to sino-foreign joint venture in which foreign contribution more than $10 million ($10 million) of the registered capital, cooperation, a wholly foreign owned and world 500 strong enterprise investment project; domestic project refers to enterprises whose registered capital is 40 million yuan or above (contain 40 million yuan) or has in 3 million yuan or above (contain 3 million yuan) yearly tax.  Key projects which meet those conditions mentioned above shall enjoy the following preferential policies of the project.
(1)Key projects, which are invested and founded Within the development zone, will get full financial assistance according to enterprise income tax district-level finance portion within two years from the date of business, and will get 50% allowance from the third to the fifth year.
(2)Key projects which have been identified as high-tech enterprises shall be imposed  income tax at a reduced tax rate of 15%.
(3) key projects will get allowance no more than 50% of district-level finance VAT(value added tax) portion for five years since the date of starting business.
(4) every headquarters, research and development center, software and service outsourcing, animation industry, emerging industries, such as intermediary agencies, financial institutions, will get allowance according to district-level fiscal retained 40% since the date of starting business for three years.
(5) all key projects which involve land scale in the development zone, will be given a percentage of the deed tax district-level finance subsidy.
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