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A Notice of organizing the application for 2013 annual doctor agglomeration plan of Jiangsu
2013-11-15 16:02:24

  I. Those who apply shall not be over 40 years old, and those who graduate from abroad shall not be over 35 years old.
    II. Qualifications
   1. the self-employed
The registration capital shall not be less than 500.000, and should finish registration and social security procedures before Mar 31st, 2013.
   2. enterprise innovation
For those who apply shall meet one of the qualifications bellow
  (1) the enterprise shall be started by talents of national “a thousand plan”, and “innovation and entrepreneur plan”.
  (2)started by talents of “technology entrepreneur cultivating programme”, “333 programme”and “industrial professor”.
  (3)national or provincial affirmed innovative enterprises, hi-tech enterprises, agricultural-scientific enterprises, new tech-experimental enterprises, information system integration enterprises, information system engineering supervising enterprises, software enterprises and animation enterprises, etc.
  (4) those which undertakes the transformation programme of scientific fruits.
  (5)those which have been listed as innovation base for the innovation and entrepreneur of those hi-level talents.
  (6)possess innovation platforms such as technical center, engineering center, engineering technology research center.
   (7)private scientific and technical enterprises
   (8)been financially assisted by programme of provincial city and prefecture.
  III.How to apply
  Click to apply. Please provide the original scanned files of digital photos of certificates, contracts and report forms.
  Dead line: April 15th, 2013.
  After application on line, please print your declaration and binding it with all related materials (in triplicate). All those materials shall be delivered to science and technology bureau, human resource and social security bureau or health bureau.
    1. Declaration
 2. ID card, degree certificate, title, credentials, and other proof of working experience. For those who study abroad shall provide degree certificate issued by overseas service center, ministry of education.
 3. Patents, information of published papers on international core journals, national and international awards, representative cultural innovation work.
 4. Business plan
 5. Certificate of legal person, business license, financial statement of 2012, tax certificate, etc.
 6. Entrepreneur shall provide certificate of capital verification issued by enterprise registration firm, and articles of incorporation. Innovation team shall provide labor contract, intellectual property certificate and share certificate, etc.
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